Promoting your affiliate marketing site using forums

Online forums have been around for a long time. Initially created for recreational use, forums have evolved to be a very powerful marketing tool.

Forums are used by affiliate marketers to
  • Generate backlinks to their sites
  • Send traffic directly to their affiliate links
  • Send traffic to their websites
  • Get information
  • Create a reputation

Forums are websites where any member can submit a comment or post

How to find a forum in your chosen niche: Simply go to the google search bar and type in your niche term and forun ie hair loss forum, if your niche is on hair loss

How to choose a forum:

Number of forum members: Most forums have displayed how many members they have. If the forum has less than 1,000 members in a competitive niche then I would not be too hot on it. However there are some niches where it is not possible to find forums with a high number of members so think about your niche and how competitive it is before determining what size of forum is appropriate for your business

Quality of posts: Just take a few minutes to browse the post to see what the quality of the posts are. A forum that is frequently off topic and which does not give valuable information in your chosen niche is probably not one you should waste time on

How many users are online at any one time: There are forums that have a lot of registered members but have only one or two people online at any one time. This just implies that they had a good advertising campaign so people joined but little useful information so people are not coming back .

Do they allow html in their signature: This means that when you submit a comment, your signature can be used to create backlinks to your website using your chosen anchor terms.