Finding an Affiliate Program

There are Affiliate programs for almost any topic that you can imagine. You just need to find them. Sometimes the vendors go through a broker such as Commission Junction or Clickbank and other times the individual vendor will host the program. There are cons and pluses to each approach.

The easiest way to find affiliate programs for your chosen topic is to search one of the Affiliate Marketing Program's databases. This will give you a lot of different vendors to work with at the click of a search button. This is the pro, but there is also a con, because the brokerage firms take a commission from the vendor this usually cuts into the commission paid to the webmaster.

The ones that are hosted by the vendor usually pay a little better since the vendor does not have this extra overhead. These take a little more time to locate, but they are normally worth the effort. One of the best ways to find this is just by using your search engine of choice. Search for the main topics you are building a site around and either look for a menu item named Affiliates or you can even search each site for affiliate programs the site may offer. It is not always easy to find the link on these sites, so make sure you look carefully.

The best strategy is to use a combination of these two methods to find the affiliate programs you want to participate in. If chosen correctly these programs can help earn a substantial amount of income for your websites.